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I have images or screenshots throughout most of my articles, but when I hit the conclusion, I stop. Adding images to the conclusion adds unnecessary length and makes the conclusion seem longer than it needs to be.

A disclaimer is a way of clarifying what you’re saying so you can be sure your readers take away the right message from your post. I'm known to slip in a disclaimer at the end of an article here and there, and I usually end up writing it after reading through the completed article. I think to myself, "Hmm, I should make sure that they understand x." SO I jot down a quick disclaimer in the conclusion.

Here’s an example of a disclaimer (highlighted) in the conclusion of one my articles :

If you do nothing else at the end of your post, make sure you include a summary.A summary is a quick flyover of your article. You can go point-by-point if you want, or you can just sum up the big idea in a few sentences or less.Theyallow you to reinforce your message and make it memorable. Your article is about one main thing, so you should remind your users about it at the end of the article.

Below is an excerpt from the conclusion of a Lifehacker article about doing a detox. The author’s main point is that you don’t really need a full-on detox, you just need to eat healthily. His conclusion contains only three, short sentences, but theyperfectly summarize the entire article.

Most articles benefit from suggested next steps, which gives your specific audience guidance on what to do with the information they've just absorbed. Although some of your readers will read your post and know exactly what they should do, but it's more likely they'll need a little direction and encouragement from you. In your conclusion, tell them what to do.

Below is an excerpt from the conclusion of a HubSpot article on digital ad fraud. The author includes several suggested next steps for HubSpot'sreaders, which I've shown using red boxes.

At the end of almost every article, I ask my readers a question. Questionsdemand responses, so placing them in your conclusiongets people’s minds moving. The whole motivation in writing an article is to change someone’s behavior, and I consider the question to be one of the most effective ways of doing so.

Asking questions to stimulate critical thinking and discussion is also a powerful teaching technique called the “Socratic method.” Instead of giving information directly, a teacher asks a series of questions that lead to a conclusion. I often start articles with a question, ask questions throughout the whole article, and conclude with a question. ( Marc OPolo Women’s Flat Heel 70814225001304 Chelsea Boots Black Black outlet locations sale online discount price discounts online best store to get for sale sZgKX
if you're interested.)

Questions also help to spark comments at the conclusion of the article. I don’t expect the comment section to be full of answers to my question, but it sometimes gets people talking. Below's Jack Wolfskin Women’s Excite Low W Trail Running Shoes Red Azalea Red cheap sale shop buy cheap latest collections free shipping get to buy clearance shop offer cheap largest supplier OAum2MH0Cm
-- they often include a question or two in the conclusion.

The justification given for the German pension reforms that led to a reduction in the level of state pensions was that contributions were "too high" and could threaten Germany's competitiveness. GLOBE Skateboard Shoes MOTLEY Green Camo buy cheap price aefYeTDcB
However, a comparison of the two countries reveals that Austria's economy has actually outperformed Germany's in many respects over the past 16 years. Austria's GDP rose by 22% in real terms between 2000 and 2015, whereas Germany's rose by just 18% over the same period. 25 Productivity and the employment rate (both measured in hours) have also grown more strongly in Austria than in Germany ( Figure 2 ).

Figure 2 Gabor Womens Review Pumps Black outlet store sGx9Gcvy
Economic development and competitiveness indicators for Germany, Austria and the eurozone

Note : Eurozone 12 countries include the 12 eurozone members as of 2001: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece.

Sources : Eurostat; AMECO; authors' own calculations.

Labour costs in Austria have increased more than in Germany. Hourly labour costs in the private sector are now more or less the same in both countries. Merrell Women’s Moab Mid GoreTex High Rise Hiking Shoes Multicolour Grey/Periwinkle for sale vPVmK41OE
Data from the OECD's "Taxing Wages" database show that the higher rate of pension contributions in Austria forms part of a social security contribution system in which employers pay significantly higher contributions than employees and indeed than employers in Germany. 27

The convergence of labour costs in the two countries since the start of EMU can be largely attributed to the fact that wage increases in Germany have remained below those in Austria. The labour market and social security reforms introduced in Germany at the beginning of the last decade were primarily aimed at reducing labour costs. These measures had the effect of stifling domestic demand in Germany – even though price inflation was higher in Austria, private consumption in Germany rose by just 11% in real terms over the 16-year period, compared to 17% in Austria. 28 Economic growth in Germany was almost entirely driven by exports, which more than doubled in the period in question. However, Austria also achieved real growth of 82%. The upshot is that Germany has accrued a current account surplus that now stands at almost nine per cent of GDP, whereas Austria's current account surplus has remained virtually unchanged at between two and four per cent. In the final analysis, Austria has chosen to maintain a strong welfare state and has opted not to impose government restrictions on wage increases. Meanwhile, Germany has cut back its welfare state whilst at the same time substantially reducing the contribution burden for businesses and people with high incomes. 29 The economic data indicate that Austria's policies have delivered better results. Moreover, our interpretation of both countries' economic development is ultimately backed up by the change in German economic policy undertaken in the wake of the major recession of 2008-09. This involved taking active measures over a period of time to stabilise demand, resulting in a return to stronger wage growth and the normalisation of employment and economic growth trends. 30

Cardioversion, whether electrical or pharmacological, is associated with a 5–7% risk of clinical thromboembolic events within the first month when patients with AF are not adequately anticoagulated. The risk in adequately anticoagulated patients on VKAs is ∼1%. 16 18 A small, prospective observational study demonstrated that VKAs are important both before and after cardioversion. 19 Retrospective analyses of the phase III trials of NOACs (RE-LY, ROCKET AF, and ARISTOTLE) found no difference in safety or efficacy between the NOACs and VKA therapy in patients with AF undergoing cardioversion. 20 22

In the RE-LY trial ( n = 18 113), 1983 cardioversions were performed in 1270 patients. In the intention-to-treat population at 30 days, stroke and systemic embolism rates were low (0.3–0.8%) and major bleeding rates showed no statistical differences between dabigatran and warfarin. 20

In the ARISTOTLE trial ( n = 18 201), 743 cardioversions were performed in 540 patients (265 patients on apixaban and 275 on warfarin). At 30 days, no stroke or systemic embolism events were reported in either group. One patient in each group developed major bleeding. 10

The ROCKET AF investigators excluded patients when cardioversion was planned. Among the 14 264 enrolled patients, 143 underwent 181 electrical cardioversions and 142 underwent 194 pharmacological cardioversions on study medication. 22 In the long-term on-treatment analysis, there were no significant differences between treatment groups in the incidence of stroke or systemic embolism or hospitalization. The incidence of major bleeding or non-major clinically relevant bleeding was increased in rivaroxaban-treated patients (HR 1.51; 95% CI 1.12–2.05; P = 0.0072).

The trials cannot be directly compared because of differences in methodology and study populations. Although none of these trial subgroups was adequately powered for outcomes, collectively the data suggest that the NOACs are comparable with warfarin in terms of safety and efficacy in patients with AF undergoing cardioversion, and may offer a suitable alternative to warfarin in this setting.

The exploratory X-VeRT trial specifically investigated the use of rivaroxaban in 1504 patients undergoing cardioversion. 23 The primary efficacy outcome (composite of stroke, transient ischaemic attack, peripheral embolism, myocardial infarction, and cardiovascular death) occurred in two patients (0.51%) on rivaroxaban and five patients (1.02%) on warfarin. Major bleeding occurred in 0.6% of patients on rivaroxaban and 0.8% on warfarin. Rivaroxaban was associated with a significantly shorter time to cardioversion (mean 25 days) compared with VKAs (34 days) ( P < 0.001). 4 The results suggest that rivaroxaban is a safe and effective alternative to VKAs, providing a practical advantage by facilitating earlier cardioversion. 19

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